Wraps up the data, variables and variableDetails arguments in an R object, making it an instance of a bllflow class and returning the resulting object. If a ddi argument is provided, all the metadata from the DDI document is imported into the R object

BLLFlow(data = NULL, variables = NULL, variableDetails = NULL,
  ddi = NULL)



A dataframe that represents the dataset the model will be developed on


A dataframe that has the specification sheet for this model. An example of this worksheet is available here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QVqLKy_C185hzeQdJeOy-EeFMBXui1hZ1cB2sKqPG-4/edit#gid=0.


A dataframe that is the variable details worksheet. An example of this worksheet is available here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QVqLKy_C185hzeQdJeOy-EeFMBXui1hZ1cB2sKqPG-4/edit#gid=1196358036.


An optinal string that contains the path to a ddi document


A named list which is an instance of the bllflow class. The items in the list are specified below:
1. data - A dataframe that contains the passed data argument
2. variables - A dataframe that contains the passed variables argument
3. variableDetails - A dataframe that contains the passed variableDetails argument
4. ddi - A string that contains the passed ddi argument
5. additionalDDIMetaData - A named list. See the return type of the GetDDIDescription function
6. populatedVariableDetails - A dataframe that contains the rows in the variableDetails
argument but with additional data filled in using the ddi argument it's specified


# ALl the libraries we will be using library(bllflow) library(survival) # Read in the data we will use for this example data(pbc) # Read in the variables and variable details CSV sheets which are part of the # master specification workbook variablesSheet <- read.csv(system.file("extdata", "PBC-variables.csv", package="bllflow")) variableDetails <- read.csv(system.file("extdata", "PBC-variableDetails.csv", package="bllflow")) # Create a bllFlow R object for the PBC model using the above variables as args # and store it in the pbcModel variable pbcModel <- bllflow::BLLFlow(pbc, variablesSheet, variableDetails) # The pbcModel variable is an R object of instance BLLFlow print(attr(pbcModel, 'class'))
#> [1] "BLLFlow"